Where to submit it


Non-EU foreigners and stateless persons wishing to apply for international protection in Spain should submit their applications at any of the following offices:

  • Asylum and Refuge Office
  • The border control points for entering Spanish territory
  • Foreigners’ Internment Centres
  • Offices for Foreign Nationals
  • The provincial Police Stations and district Police Stations indicated by virtue of an Order of the Ministry of the Interior.


 Deadlines for the submitting application (Asylum and Refuge)


  • The appearance of the interested party for the application for international protection must take place without delay and, in any case, within a maximum period of one month, starting from his or her entry into Spanish territory or from when the events justifying the well-founded fear of persecution or serious injury occur.
  • Illegal entry into Spanish territory may not be penalized when it is performed by a person who meets the requirements for being a beneficiary of international protection


 Form of submitting the application (Asylum and Refuge)


  • The submission of the application must take place by means of the personal appearance of the interested party, or, in the event of any physical or legal impossibility, by the person representing him or her. In the latter case, the applicant must ratify the application once the impediment has disappeared.
  • The application will be formalized by means of a personal interview, which will always be conducted on an individual basis. In exceptional cases, the presence of the applicant’s family members may be required, if deemed necessary for the proper formalization of the application.
  • When filling in and signing the corresponding form, the applicant must provide details of the events, facts and allegations upon which the application is based.
  • The following documents must be supplied together with the application:
    • A photocopy of the passport or travel document, which will be handed over if the application is accepted.
    • Whichever personal identity documents or those of any other kind deemed appropriate in support of the above.
    • If the applicant does not supply any kind of personal documentation, he or she must justify the cause of such an omission. The persons in charge of conducting the interview will explain to the applicants how to perform the application and they will help them to fill in the form, providing the basic relevant information. They will also help the persons in question to establish the relevant details of their applications.
    • When security reasons thus warrant, the applicant and his or her belongings may be searched, provided that full respect for his or her dignity and integrity is guaranteed.
    • The submitting of applications for international protection will be reported to the UNHCR, which may obtain information on the status of the files, attend the hearings of the applicants and submit reports for their inclusion in the files. To do so, it will be provided access to the applicants, including those who are at border offices or in foreigners’ internment centres or prisons.
    • The applicants, if necessary, will designate the persons who depend on them or form their family nucleus, indicating whether they request asylum by extension for them. When such persons are in Spanish territory, they must appear in person together with the applicant, providing their personal documentation if they are applying for extension of the asylum. If family extension of the asylum is not applied for, the names and documentary data of the persons the applicant declares as dependants will be recorded.




    • Applicants for international protection will be provided with stamped proof of their applications, attached to their passports, and they will be entitled to stay in Spain for a maximum period of sixty days.
    • Once the application has been accepted, the authorization to stay will be accredited by means of the issuing of a document to the person applying for asylum, enabling him or her to stay in Spanish territory during the processing of the application.
    • At the time of the delivery of the above document, the applicant will hand over, if he or she has not already done so, his or her personal and travel documents, which will be kept in a deposit in the event of a favourable resolution of the asylum application.
    • During the processing of the file, the applicant must immediately inform the Asylum and Refuge Office of any change of address at the corresponding office, depending on his or her place of residence.